Supporting Cultural Preservation, Education
and Community Development

CHF Project Ambassadors


Be a catalyst—become a CHF Ambassador—and help to spread CHF’s mission and vision. Inspire your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors to support the effort in your neighborhood, at your convenience.


  • Commit to be a CHF Ambassador for one calendar year.
  • Each of our programs has one dedicated Ambassador, choose a program that appeals to your heart.
  • Create a marketing plan to raise $10,000 in one year toward your project (e.g., music party, dinner/dance, man a booth at a local event, Christmas/Diwali get together, etc.).
  • Raise $10,000!

CHF Yuvadhara Ambassador

CHF’s Yuvadhara is a group of enterprising, talented, and ambitious individuals who work together to serve as catalysts for change - locally and internationally. As a member of Yuvadhara, you will join our mission of helping marginalized families, both in the US (in your communities) and in India specifically in Shirali and Chitrapur in the fields of education and women’s economic empowerment. You will help us raise awareness of society’s deeply entrenched problems, and engage others to become supporters of these social causes.

We invite YOU to the join the committee, where you will play a key role in the growth of the organization and help us to impact thousands of lives every year.

As Mahatma Gandhi exhorted, “Be the change you wish to see.” Please consider offering your professional skills to mentor youth in the US as well as our communities in India. If you are a retired teacher, consider spending a few months at Srivali High School or Parijnanashram Vidyalaya helping teachers with lesson planning, and integrating technology in teaching science and technology.

In the US, you can volunteer in organizing fundraising, website maintenance, digitizing and collating photographs for website, event management, and editing & publishing quarterly newsletters.


Help raise funds in your local community

  • Parijnanashram Vidyalaya, a new school in Karla
  • Samvit Sudha, a Womens’ Self-Help Group
  • Srivali High School in Chitrapur
  • Ganapati High School in Mangalore