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The mission of CHF is to actively participate in and promote sustainable development of the villages in and around Chitrapur ( Shirali ), support the educational, social and religious activities of Shri Chitrapur Math, and help preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Chitrapur Saraswat community.

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CHF supports school construction in underserved areas in and around Shirali and locations near our Math sites (Karla, Mangalore, and Gokarn), scholarships to needy students, etc.
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Community Development

Development of villages surrounding Shirali by providing micro finance for Womens’ Empowerment projects, helping skills development and creating rural job opportunities
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Our culture is unique and needs support and nurturing. See our efforts to support the museum.
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Religious Activities

CHF supports the collection of funds (Vantiga), for maintenance and upgrading of the Maths and new initiatives.
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CHF Board represents the collective aspirations of the Chitrapur Saraswat community all across the US. Our office bearers carry on the activities of CHF within the US and support initiatives of Shri Chitrapur Math (SCM) and US-based activities of the CSB community.

Supporting Cultural Preservation, Education & Community Development.

Founded in 2005, Chitrapur Heritage Foundation (CHF) is an organization that garners the support of Chitrapur Saraswats in the US for giving back to our Math and the Chitrapur community.

CHF embodies a concept that originated a long time ago in the US: a permanent community endowment committed to meeting the changing needs of a community as well as providing support for the community’s cultural and heritage preservation.

CHF is registered in the state of New Jersey, USA as a Section 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization and donors receive the maximum charitable deduction allowed by law.

In the United States, CHF chapters facilitate and support the celebration of monthly Satsang, Ugadi, Ram Navami, Dassera / Durga Puja, Diwali and other traditional community functions and encourage the Prarthana Varga activities.

CHF Chapters are presently located in Kendall Park, New Jersey in the East; Houston, Texas in the South and San Jose, California in the West.

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Sudhir Golikeri
Chitrapur Math

Chitrapur Math

Amgelo Mathu… just the two words make our hearts yearn for that serene abode of our Guru Parampara.

The façade of the Math at Shirali has assumed iconic importance for all Chitrapur Saraswats.

The current building of the Math was constructed during the times of Param Shrimat Pandurangashram Swamiji. Aptly named as “Krishnashram Prasad” as a dedication to His Guru. The structure nearing a century was in need of repairs at many places and it was necessary to make way for new technology that will stand the test of times for another 100 years ahead. And what better occasion could there be than the Tercentenary year for completion of this entire project!


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Events & News

Chitrapur Heritage Foundation (CHF) is an organization that garners the support of Chitrapur Saraswats in the US to sustain and grow the rich 1400 year old heritage of the Chitrapur community.

1 November 2014


The annual tradition of the Sri Krishna Janma Katha(Maasa Shraavana) was recited with great joy and devotion. This was followed by Dolotsava (PaaRaadhaaDaamodara). A small beautiful idol of Lord Shri Krishna, bedecked with ornaments was carried ceremoniously by Arjun Amladi from one end of the room to the other, and laid in a beautifully decorated cradle by Vanita Balwalli pachi&Padma Betrabetpachi.

22 MAY 2016

A touch of Shirali in your home - Samvit Sudha

The Samvit Sudha is a quaint handicraft boutique that showcases a range of the most unusual gift items, made out of organic textiles.
5 OCTOBER 2017

Khavda Pottery - The Last Gasp

Hastakarya or our handicraft is a symbol of our unique identity on this planet. The craftsman breathes his prana (life energy) into his work as well as the aspirations and cultural interpretation of his people.
1 November 2014


What started as an initiative to teach Guru Pujan to the children and perform it on ParamapujyaSwamiji’s Birthday, grew by the day into a big celebration, attended by almost 100 people on 1 November 2014.